Roücke TFL

Your fastest panel source.

Thermofused Laminate (TFL) traditionally has a long lead time when you order anything other than standard colors. At Premier we offer a solution to manufacturers who require a different level of service.

We stock 4’ x 8’ melamine paper in 25 popular colors, while we have hundreds of solids, patterns, and wood grains available. We offer melamine from Arclin, Coveright, and genuine papers from Formica and Wilsonart which are an exact match to their high pressure laminate. 

  • Rainier White

    Dollken Wood Tape2001
    Rigid ThermofoilAmerican Renolit Ontario White 9365-151
    High Pressure LaminateWilsonart Frosty White 1573
  • Antique White

    Dollken Wood Tape2115
    Rigid ThermofoilAmerican Renolit Antique White 1458-084
    High Pressure LaminateFormica Antique White 932
  • Wilsonart® Designer White

    Dollken Wood Tape7925
    Rigid ThermofoilN/A
    High Pressure LaminateWilsonart Designer White D354
  • Glacier White

    Dollken Wood Tape2022
    Rigid ThermofoilAmerican Renolit Designer White 9341-084
    High Pressure LaminateWilsonart Designer White D354
  • Almond

    Dollken Wood Tape2114
    Rigid ThermofoilAmerican Renolit Almond 1399-084
    High Pressure LaminateWilsonart Natural Almond D30
  • Folkstone Grey

    Dollken Wood Tape2454
    Rigid ThermofoilAmerican Renolit Grey 7307-088
    High Pressure LaminateWilsonart Fashion Grey D381
  • Dove Grey

    Dollken Wood Tape2426
    Rigid ThermofoilAmerican Renolit Grey 7307-088
    High Pressure LaminateWilsonart Dove Grey D92
  • Silver Frost

    Dollken Wood Tape6098
    Rigid ThermofoilKlockner Silver Frost FM-M253A57
    High Pressure LaminateWilsonart Satin Stainless 4830
  • Slate

    Dollken Wood Tape2431
    Rigid ThermofoilN/A
    High Pressure LaminateWilsonart Slate Grey D91
  • Charcoal

    Dollken Wood Tape7457
  • Black

    Dollken Wood Tape2416
    Rigid ThermofoilAmerican Renolit Black 9920-278
    High Pressure LaminateWilsonart Black 159
  • Norwegian Maple

    Dollken Wood Tape5108
    Rigid ThermofoilBenecke-Kaliko Light Brown Planked Maple V3907072
    High Pressure LaminateWilsonart Manitoba Maple 7911
  • Natural Maple

    Dollken Wood Tape3916
    Rigid ThermofoilN/A
    High Pressure LaminatePionite Sugar Maple WM971
  • Hardrock Maple

    Dollken Wood Tape4125
    Rigid ThermofoilAmbtra/Bonlex Hard Rock Maple VUDE56601
    High Pressure LaminatePionite Hardrock Maple WM791
    ESI EdgebandingApple Spice 4274
  • Wilsonart® Blond Echo

    Dollken Wood Tape3775L
    Rigid ThermofoilN/A
    High Pressure LaminateWilsonart Blond Echo 7939
  • Alabama Cherry

    Dollken Wood Tape4821
    Rigid ThermofoilAmerican Renolit Rustik Cherry 3214002-060
    High Pressure LaminateArborite Rustik Cherry T-521
  • Wilsonart® Shaker Cherry

    Dollken Wood Tape3074
    Rigid ThermofoilAmerican Renolit 3214004-060
    High Pressure LaminateWilsonart Shaker Cherry 7935
  • Cognac

    Dollken Wood Tape5120c
    Rigid ThermofoilAmerica Renolit Summer Flame 3207002-060
    High Pressure LaminatePionite Sunset HP336
  • Mahogany

    Dollken Wood Tape3962
    Rigid ThermofoilLG Acajou Mahogany U080103
    High Pressure LaminateFormica Victorian Mahogany 7583
  • Wild Apple

    Dollken Wood Tape5121
    Rigid ThermofoilAmerican Renolit Candlelight 2188002-50
    High Pressure LaminateArborite Candlelight T-421
  • Chocolate Pear

    Dollken Wood Tape4763
    Rigid ThermofoilAmerican Renolit Chocolate Pear 3207003-060
    High Pressure LaminateArborite Chocolate Pear Tree W-444
  • Cordoba Pine

    Dollken Wood Tape4887
    Rigid ThermofoilAmerican Renolit 82028-1439
    High Pressure LaminatePionite Witchcraft WX421
  • Summit

    Dollken Wood Tape3168
    Rigid ThermofoilN/A
    High Pressure LaminatePionite Kingsley WW011

Premier uses only the finest cores in the industry. Our standard is an industrial grade Western Pine particleboard core, but we also offer other specialty cores such as fie-rated particleboard, premium quality MDF, and sustainable core options.

Why Roücke TFL:

  • Highest quality materials
  • Wide selection of colors, including Formica and Wilsonart
  • Chamfered edges
  • High pressure laminate (HPL) and rigid thermo foil (RTF) matches
  • Custom orders
  • High volume capacity
  • Fast lead times
  • Our facility has the capacity to laminate TFL panels in sizes from 4’ x 8’ to 5’ x 12’ with thicknesses ranging from 1/4” to 1-1/8”
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