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Discover FENIX NTM®, an innovative material that is the technical and aesthetic answer to two interior design trends: smart materials and matte surfaces.

This next-generation acrylic resin is soft touch, anti‑fingerprint, and has thermal healing possibilities. The high-performance product is very suitable for vertical and horizontal interior design including cabinetry, tabletops, workspaces, furniture, and retail displays.

All FENIX NTM® doors have a 10-day lead time. Contact us for lead times on custom-engineered components.

From kitchen cabinets to conference room tabletops - FENIX NTM® has revolutionized the world of interior design. Not only is the surface material beautiful to look at but, most importantly, it's also a high-tech material, made unique by its characteristics.

These characteristics are achieved by undergoing a particular series of processes, including a multilayer coating and the use of next-generation acrylic resins, which are hardened and fixed through an Electron Beam Curing process. With low light reflectivity, their surface is extremely opaque, soft touch, and anti-fingerprint. 

FENIX NTM® surfaces have a unique non-porous external layer, allowing the material to stay neat with simple cleaning methods. Thermal healing of superficial micro-scratches is also possible using a standard clothes iron

Our FENIX NTM® program offers more than doors! Double-sided panels and peel-and-stick sheets are available in 4'x8'. Cut-to-size and laser edgebanded components for vertical and horizontal design applications are also available (double-sided only). 

Samples can be ordered on our Request Samples page. 

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