Premier has constructed a set of processes and methods to produce end products our customers want to buy. These processes, with their associated technology and equipment, are unique to Premier and are part of our DNA. It’s just what we do – make the best products with the fastest lead times in the industry.

Raw Material Sourcing

Andy Wilzoch, President and Founder, makes personal visits to all of our vendors, evaluating material quality, features, manufacturing, and availability. Through personal relationships, deep industry knowledge, and uncompromising standards of quality, the right materials are selected. We then establish streamlined processes to get it in the door (rail car access, purchasing methods, transfer methods) so it meets our aggressive customer delivery schedule.


Working with our in house engineers, we collaborate with customer design teams to guide product development that meets complex requirements. Customers work with us remotely, or visit our on site design center to evaluate materials and talk through possible construction and assembly concerns. The end result is a superior look, with reliable manufacturing for prototypes or full program rollouts.


With thousands of combinations available, Premier selects high quality materials, laminates them to a variety of core materials, and produces beautiful panels for use by cabinet shops, furniture manufacturers, fixture suppliers, and dozens of other industries. We make the materials that help you look good in front of your customers. Premier has taken a unique approach by collapsing the supply chain and bringing all the materials and processing equipment into our facility. Our comprehensive processing facility operates:

Panel Processing

This is where Premier really shines. Beginning with a wide selection of stocked, top quality materials, we process high volume programs like multi-unit housing developments, commercial office furniture, or national store fixture rollouts. But our artistry is really for projects that no one else can do. Relying on our team’s knowledge and experience, we push our technology to the max – delivering complex designed products to meet intricate requirements. We’re proud to have delivered everything from complicated custom designed office furniture, to high-end audio rooms, to appealing fixtures and displays that customers love.

Vertical Integration

Raw material to fully finished product completely contained inside our facility. Premier has organized its processes and resources so that we control the entire value chain – from raw material, to laminates and acrylics, to finishing (routing, CNC, drilling) to assembly to packaging/shipping.