Project: New build by Northland Woodworks 
Location: St. Paul, Minnesota
Material: UltraMatte, colors in white and stone
Material Source: Premier EuroCase distributed by Hardwoods Minneapolis

Why was UltraMatte selected?
The customers were initially seeking painted slab exteriors. Matt and Leah Krig, who operate Northland Woodworks, told their clients, “If you have kids or pets, the Premier EuroCase product would be a far superior choice. The laminate panels are more perfect than paint ever can be," Matt said.

UltraMatte has anti-fingerprint properties that won't show handprints as the couple's infant learns to walk. As their child gets older and inevitably leaves some sticky handprints, UltraMatte has excellent chemical resistance (including acetone) to make cleaning easy without damaging the product. 

Matt also mentioned the lack of yellowing, cracking, spotting, staining and rubbing through finish. After banding, the laminate panel edges are "pretty much a welded joint. They are so tight, they're suitable for many medical/dental applications,” Matt said. Northland Woodworks uses laser edgebanding technology to create the seamless edge on Premier EuroCase UltraMatte doors and drawer fronts.

After hearing all the product benefits of UltraMatte the couple selected the superior material for their kitchen, pantry, laundry room and master bath cabinets.