Reflekt high-gloss acrylic is known for being an incredible material for cabinetry, but did you know it’s also a great option for office marker boards? The non-porous surface is Dry-Erase Certified proving it's 'very suitable for dry-erase board use' in an official test report

Whiteboards are one of the most popular office tools because of their ease and effectiveness in use. The re-writeable surface offers a clean slate for creating lists, diagrams, and work-flows. However, overtime the surface of a standard melamine marker board will wear and develop difficult to remove stains and ghosting. What's the solution when your whiteboard doesn't stay white? Our chemical-resistant Reflekt acrylic. 

Marker build up caused ghosting that was hard to remove.
When the offices of Revenue River wanted to update their dry-erase boards and to find a long-term solution to the unsightly residue and ghosting issues they selected Reflekt. Like many offices their whiteboards had remnants of the last meeting even after it was erased. Strong chemicals in dry-erase markers build up and form a residue. This residue and worn areas of a melamine whiteboard cause ghosting - the outline of previous work after erasing.

The new whiteboard offers crisp and clean work space for detailed notes.
Reflekt’s non-porous surface allows for writing to glide smoothly and wipe off easily. The top hard-coat layer protects against harsh chemicals used during cleaning so ghosting doesn't appear.

"We use marker boards everyday in our offices and the residue and ghosting was nearly impossible to remove on our old boards. We didn't want our clients being distracted by the unsightly build-up when we're writing detailed notes and drawing complex solutions for them." said Amanda Damue, Director of Sales Enablement at Revenue River. "As simple as it was to replace our marker boards, the Reflekt whiteboards have made a huge improvement in meetings and even the overall look in the office." Amanda said.

The superior quality and durability of Reflekt dry-erase boards are suitable for heavy usage in classrooms, commercial office environments, and even your home. Available in 21 color options and numerous sizes, the high-gloss surface creates a stunning blank space for presentations, brainstorming sessions, and an optional magnetic layer for securely pinning up notes and reminders.