Project: California Closet Company
Location: Showroom in Downtown Vancouver 
Engineer: Phong Nguyen
Materials: Reflekt Black and UltraMatte Black
Materials Source: Premier EuroCase distributed by Hardwoods Vancouver

Why were Reflekt and UltraMatte selected?
Selected for its impeccable surface quality, depth of color, and unmatched durability that a high-end application like this requires.

What design or technical issue was addressed by the Premier EuroCase product? 
Allowed for a full range of complimentary panels (both Reflekt high gloss and UltraMatte) to be used seamlessly with CC's in house proprietary TFL color palette to bring new and previously unachievable design options to clientele.

Designer Phong Nguyen mentioned that, "The use of Reflekt High Gloss and UltraMatte Black in the same space, along with our textured Black Edgewood Nero TFL, has allowed us to create a downtown showroom second to none. Three black options with different sheens, texture, and depth all working together beautifully in one space.  The interest our Granville Showroom has gained with these products is astounding."