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As white continues to be the most popular color selected for kitchen cabinetry, we’re expanding two of our product lines to give customers more options when they're choosing the perfect color and finish.

The new Roücke HD Carrara White is a softer and warmer tone compared to Designer White in the same collection. Now that customers have two options of white in our textured melamine, they'll have more variety when selecting other elements for their space. 

New to the Ion collection is a bright white that has the same stylish appearance of brushed metal, but looks less industrial than Ion Silver and Bronze. The high-gloss reflection and subtle metallic design are perfect for a modern or contemporary kitchen that calls for white with a little flare. 

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TREND FORECASTS FOR 2020: Color Experts Predict Blue and Green Hues

As we entered into a new year and decade, color experts studied our current society with an emphasis on the future for their 2020 color of the year selections. Shades of blue and green emerged as top choices with many inspirations from nature and an overall sense to evoke calmness.

Trend guides correlate our fast-paced world with people seeking out nature and wanting peaceful environments when they’re home. Blues and greens are naturally calming and soothing hues because they fall in the middle of the color spectrum making them restful to the human eye.

Predicting these new color trends, we added Blue, Sage, and Navy to our Reflekt and UltraMatte product lines over the past two years. These three versatile colors can be incorporated into many design styles as accents, or used for the entire space without overpowering it.

2020 Color of the Year Selections

Pantone: Classic Blue
Known as global color experts, Pantone selected Classic Blue as "it highlights our desire for a dependable and stable foundation to build on as we cross the threshold into a new era." Suggestive of the sky at dusk, Classic Blue is a universal favorite offering a sense of comfort. Pantone's prediction influences product development and purchasing decisions in multiple industries, most notably in fashion and interior design.

Sherwin-Williams: Naval
Matching our new Navy color, Sherwin-Williams picked Naval for the color's ability to create "a calm and grounding environment infused with quiet confidence." The paint company was also inspired by the natural elements the dark blue shade calls on from the deep sea to an infinite night sky. The color is celebrated for its versatility and can be mixed and layered with neutrals or vibrant colors to achieve any design style.

Dulux: Tranquil Dawn
The UK based architectural paint company chose Tranquil Dawn as an antidote to our "increasingly disconnected" modern society. The pale green tones are a nod to nature as Dulux's UK creative director, Marianne Shillingford, compares the color to "the space between the land and sky". This sophisticated shade and four supporting palettes were developed by a panel of experts at the ColourFutures trend forecast meeting.

Behr: Back to Nature
Inspired by “nature’s favorite color” the calming shade of green was selected for being a restorative and revitalizing hue that engages the senses and pairs well with other colors inside and outside the home. Keeping with the nature theme, the paint company released an additional 14 colors in eight curated color palettes, each inspired by the great outdoors in their 2020 Color Trend Guide.