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Close Color Matches for 2021 Trends from our Wide-Range of Stocked Color Options

Our investment in a lot of color options allows our customers to stay up-to-date with current trends. With all raw materials stocked on-site, all colors and metallics are still offered at our impressive 5-day lead time.

Pantone’s 'Color of the Year' selection makes industry and national news every year when the leading color experts announce their latest prediction. For 2021, they selected two colors to contrast and coordinate upcoming trends in interior design, fashion, home décor, and packaging. Our closest color matches to Pantone's COTY: Reflekt Fly Yellow, Reflekt & UltraMatte Metallic Silver

Sherwin-Williams: Urbane Bronze

With similar tones to our UltraMatte and Reflekt Stone, and Roücke HD Slate, Sherwin-Williams picked their popular Urbane Bronze color because of the warmth and comfort the nature-inspired hue provides. The paint company describes the color as “embodying of the richness of the Earth’s stone, metal, and wood.” The earthy grey color has warm brown undertones to create the same feeling of serenity found in nature.
Our closest color matches to Sherwin-Williams' COTY: UltraMatte & Reflekt Stone, Roücke HD Slate

Benjamin Moore: Aegean Teal

Like other COTY choices, Benjamin Moore selected a color that comforts the senses with a calming blue/green hue. Aegean Teal represents unity between blue and green for a balanced, soothing shade. The company also developed a palette around their 2021 choice that “nourishes the spirit and supports wellbeing.” Our UltraMatte and Reflekt Sage closely match Aegean Teal, and any of our softer colors fall in-line with their overall predictions.
Our closest color matches to Benjamin Moore's COTY: Reflekt & UltraMatte Sage

Dulux: Brave Ground

Color experts ar the UK based architectural paint company chose Brave Ground - a natural neutral that is a stabilizing color meant to create a foundation and connect people back to simpler things. Having a strong base allows for the opportunity to mix with a variety of colors and textures. Our soft-touch UltraMatte and Reflekt high gloss in Beige are a close match to the warm-tone hue.
Our closest color matches to Dulux's COTY: UltraMatte & Reflekt Beige

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Our Reflekt high-gloss acrylic and soft-touch UltraMatte acrylic panels are sold through a distribution network in the US and Canada. Our network includes most branches of Hardwood Specialty Products, Rugby Architectural Building Products, Frank Paxton Lumber Company, and our newest distribution channel, Aetna Plywood.

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