DENVER, COLO. – Premier EuroCase is the first to introduce a high-gloss acrylic five-piece door as a new design option to the woodworking industry. Premier showcased the new application of their innovative Reflekt™ high-gloss product line at the AWFS® Fair in Las Vegas from July 22 – 25, 2015. 

The expansion of the Reflekt product line to include a five-piece door is a result of Premier’s ingenuity, process intelligence and superior manufacturing capabilities. The door components are PUR laminated inside a certified Class-100 cleanroom to guarantee each piece is as close to perfect as technologically possible. The horizontal rails and vertical stiles that compose the frame are laser edgebanded to create a seamless look from panel to edge. When the Reflekt high-gloss frame and panel insert are assembled together, the five pieces create dimension with the modern look of mirror gloss, but in the traditional shaker door style. This high-gloss acrylic five-piece door developed by Premier expands design opportunities beyond what the market currently offers in high-gloss products.

“Five-piece doors are not new to the industry, but high-gloss acrylic five-piece doors are.” Andy Wilzoch, President of Premier EuroCase said. “It was exciting to introduce our new product at a large woodworking event such as the AWFS Fair. The quality of our Reflekt high-gloss material and innovative approach to the five-piece door had an overwhelming positive response from industry professionals.” 

Premier’s Reflekt five-piece doors are available now in 16 colors with matching edgebanding, and with solid or glass inserts. All materials are stocked in-house for an unmatched manufacturing speed and one of the industry’s fastest lead times.