DENVER, COLO. — Premier EuroCase recently installed a second laser edgebander to address an overwhelming demand for door components. Premier is now the only component manufacturer in the North America with two laser edgebanders.

This latest acquisition demonstrates that Premier is committed to the laser edgebanding technology, which is “far superior to the other edging options because of the quality of the finished product, the speed it’s manufactured, and lower energy costs required to operate,” stated the company’s President & CEO, Andy WIlzoch.

By providing a long-term, seam-free bond, laser edgebanding enhances the aesthetic appeal because there are no joints to collect dirt or discolor with age. Laser also increases resistance of the finished board to heat and moisture.

This technological addition to the company’s already modern facility of 300,000 square feet strengthens their emphasis on “Process Intelligence”, which is a convergent manufacturing system developed by Premier. Process Intelligence means the company uses the latest technology and processes to produce a world-class product with accuracy, quality, and unmatched manufacturing speed. This provides Premier with the capability to ship their door components in ten business days.

“This second laser edgebander will help us continue to take care of our customers in the most efficient manner possible,” explained Wilzoch.

The laser edgebanders at Premier produce finished door components in Reflekt high gloss acrylic and Roücke HD textured melamine. Both products give specifiers the flexibility to play with the new materials, whether they are just trying out the look as an accent, or committing to an entire project that will stand the test of time.