DENVER, COLO. — Premier EuroCase (PE) is pleased to announce they have constructed a Class-100 (ISO5) Clean Room surrounding their PUR laminating line to control the quality of the product during the lamination process.

The Clean Room, which has been dubbed “Premier Clean Technology”, is the only proper way to produce high gloss panels, according to the company’s owner and president, Andy Wilzoch. The glass-walled room creates a climate-controlled, 100% dust-free environment as positive air pressure is generated through HEPA filters. The PUR line combined with the Clean Room technology is uniquely suited for the lamination of high gloss acrylics and other sensitive materials to achieve spectacular results.

The company launched their line of Reflekt high gloss panels earlier this year and stocks 15 colors of the Senoplast hardcoat high gloss acrylic, as well as corresponding REHAU Mirror Gloss ABS edgebanding. Also available is the REHAU V-Edge two tone PMMA edge for a stunning contemporary look. The product can be sold in fully laminated sheets or processed at Premier into finished components with laser edgebanding.

The opportunity to tour the Premier facility will be offered during the 2014 Executive Briefing Conference, which will be held April 6-8 in Denver. For more information and to register to attend, visit