DENVER, COLO. — Premier EuroCase has reduced their standard lead time from ten business days to five. Accelerating lead times is a huge benefit to their customers since it’s one of the shortest in the country for custom orders. This increased efficiency is possible due to optimizing internal processes, and investments in automated machinery that speed inventory retrieval, cutting, and edgebanding.

Part of Premier EuroCase’s value proposition is being a reliable supplier to their customers. By reducing lead times by 50 percent they’re creating a competitive advantage for consumers to receive their superior quality products faster. 

To achieve these consistently fast lead times, Premier EuroCase stays in a continuous state of innovation. By the end of Q2 2019, they will be the first company in the U.S. to have a completely autonomous production line from TFL production to finished banding. The line will consist of an automated inventory retrieval system, automated HPS robotic saws, and an automated laser edgebander all integrated into a single autonomous system.

“Our investments in automated technology are paying off for our customers as we cut lead times without sacrificing quality.” Andy Wilzoch, President of Premier EuroCase said. “We’re leveraging our lean manufacturing innovations to benefit current customers and attract new ones on the things that matter most to them: speed, quality, and price.” Wilzoch said.

Premier EuroCase has already implemented the new lead time on standard panel and door orders. Their large product portfolio (Reflekt, UltraMatte, Ion, Roücke HD, Roücke TFL, and HPL) offers over 75 stocked color options for a several markets including residential, commercial, multifamily, education, hospitality, and retail store fixtures.  

About Premier EuroCase
Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Premier EuroCase is a privately-held, full service panel processor that has been specializing in laminating, manufacturing, custom components and technical innovation since 1987. For more information, visit


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Contact: Jill Rosenberger