We’re bringing the outside – in – with our Sage Color of the Year selection for interior cabinet and component design. The fresh and calming shade is a cool-toned green that creates an elegant and refined ambiance. 

Being in the center of the color spectrum, shades of green are the most restful color to the human eye, which is why they’re naturally calming and soothing hues. Because of its serene nature, our Sage color is one people want to incorporate into their living spaces. It's versatility crosses over traditional and modern design styles, and is great for being used as an accent or on a large scale without over powering a space. 

Our Color of the Year choice was based on trend analysis, industry research, and consumer interest. We added the Sage color to our Reflekt and UltraMatte product lines in 2018, along with a Blue hue in the same high-gloss and matte. Both additions have cool undertones that pair well with any of our popular neutral colors.