Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, Demetra Cabinetry, is a family-owned and operated manufacturer of premium kitchen and bath products. They apply an innovative and service-oriented approach to their customer’s projects and continuously provide high-quality products with advanced functionality, and a modern flair of contemporary and European inspired designs.

Challenge –

A few years ago when the European trend of high gloss was gaining popularity in North America, Ricky Do, owner and president of Demetra, wanted to expand their design options to include a high-gloss collection. He was looking for a provider of high-gloss acrylic that aligns with all of Demetra’s principles: quality, durability, functionality and style. But he also preferred a North America manufacturer who had the advanced technology and capabilities to lay up and edgeband the product, and at a price point he could serve his value-conscious customers.

Solution –

Ricky and Andy Wilzoch, president of Premier EuroCase, met at the AWFS® Fair tradeshow in 2013 where Andy was showcasing the new Reflekt™ high-gloss product line. Ricky was impressed with Andy’s foresight to invest in the innovative product; and the state-of-the-art technology, quality raw materials, and the research that goes into producing high-gloss acrylic panels. Demetra partnered with us to offer our Reflekt high-gloss as doors and cabinetry to their customers shortly after the AWFS Fair in 2013.

Results –

“Partnering with Premier has been a perfect fit for us.” Ricky said of our partnership. Demetra is able to provide European inspired interior design to their customers, which not only looks great, but it’s a durable, functional option that performs. “The biggest selling point to our customers is the level of scratch resistance in the Reflekt product.” Ricky said. “Our customers come to us to create beautiful spaces and to make an investment in the home they want to live in.” Demetra’s specialization in kitchen and bathrooms are two of the highest traffic areas in any home, making the collaboration between companies is the perfect way to showcase sophisticated design with a high-quality, durable high gloss.