Busby Cabinets is a family-owned and operated cabinetry manufacturing company headquartered in Florida. They specialize in custom construction and remodels of kitchen and bath cabinetry, built-in entertainment centers, theaters, libraries, hidden rooms, professional offices and much more.

Challenge –

With the popularity of high gloss in modern interior design, Busby Cabinets wanted to provide the latest trend to their customers. However, the investment in technology to produce high-gloss acrylic panels is costly, and high-gloss paint is very time consuming and challenging to produce a mirror-like finish that is demanded to achieve the look of sophisticated design.

Solution –

Busby Cabinets partnered with us to provide our high quality and durable Reflekt high-gloss panels to meet the demand of their customers. “Partnering with Premier to handle the manufacturing for doors, case parts, and architectural features increases our factory capacity to serve a larger client base.” Mike Thomas, Busby Cabinets Director of Sales and Installation said.

Along with serving a larger client base, Busby Cabinets also installed Reflekt in their innovative Orlando showroom to present how new-age and natural textures can be paired for a modern design.

Results –

Busby is able to provide their customers with the latest design trend, without having to compromise their high quality standards, or make a large investment in the necessary technology to produce high-gloss panels. And, their clients have an excited interest in our Reflekt product because of its quality, durability and ease of care.