We have integrated high-technology manufacturing equipment with an internal workflow design that is unmatched anywhere in North America. That value is transmitted as a fair price to the customer, delivered quickly and reliably, because we have total control of our entire supply chain. We trust ourselves to deliver because we’ve designed the processes to ensure maximum flexibility in processing, with all the materials in the building.

1. Sourcing Materials

  • Building relationships with global suppliers
  • Selecting materials and agreeing manufacturing schedules and costs
  • Vision to anticipate trends and understand what customers want to buy

2. Aggregation and Inventory

  • All materials for your project are in one building
  • Anticipation of need based on demand data points
  • Matched materials and types to fit any project

3. Manufacturing Excellence

  • Top quality machines for most applications
  • Craftsman approach with technology enablers
  • Quality Culture + Great Machines + Skilled People = Exceptional Result

4. Agility and Speed

  • Balanced speed, quality and ability to change direction
  • Vertical integration and in-house processing eliminates delays
  • Exceptional ability to respond to changes while projects are in flight

5. Customer Relationship

  • We provide the right variety of choices with a consultative approach
  • Easy to do business with and long term relationships
  • Trust in our ability to deliver
  • One supplier and one relationship, drives customer loyalty