Cutting production starts with complex patterns designed in CAD software and then uploaded to three available CNC panel saws. Total saw production capability is well over 1,000 sheets per day.

As each part is cut, labels are printed in real time. Each label contains a description of the part and a bar code for the machining centers to read.

Premier EuroCase operates the following panel saws:

Holzma HKL-11 Angular Saw

This rear loading angular panel saw is designed for high-volume production. It features an independent ripcut and crosscut saw in the same unit and automatic material handling between the two.

Holzma HPL-380 Power Concept

This rear-loading panel saw is extremely efficient in the production of complex cutting patterns with the aid of its independent crosscut section, which allows multiple sizes to be cut in one pass.

Holzma HPP-350

This front-loading panel saw is utilized for special projects. This allows us to keep lower-volume projects and prototypes in their own workcell to maximize efficiency. Once the project is through this department and approved by the customer, it can be turned over to the high-volume production equipment.