Membrane pressing offers endless three-dimensional forming possibilities, including store fixtures and POP (point of purchase) displays, medical industry fixtures and cabinet components.

Membrane pressing is a viable alternative to many traditional surface applications that exist today. With its 3-D capabilities to the "No Edge" look, it offers designers a new platform of possibilities. See our article "A Performance Upgrade for Sport Retailers" in Surface & Panel Magazine for more information on membrane pressing.

Wemhöner RTF Basic Plus

This machine is a fully optioned membrane press for flat or 3-D forming. With the combination of a TFM press (Thermal Fused melamine) and the membrane press in-house, Premier EuroCase is the fastest path to custom 3-D components.

Wemhöner Eagle

This press is utilized for “Deep Draw” 3D components with up to 2” thicknesses.