Complex shapes and raw materials machined to precise tolerances at high production speeds requires accuracy that only the Homag CNC routers can deliver.

Homag BOF-311

The Homag BOF-311 is a large format (5' x 12') single-table machine with drilling capabilities. This CNC router is used for a wide variety of operations from slatwall to pre-machining in our Rigid Thermal Foil (RTF) department.

Homag BOF-132

The first BOF imported and put into production in the US in 2003, this Homag BOF-132 is unique in its ability to run independent operations on two separate tables simultaneously. With two independent machining units with routing and drilling on each unit with twin tables, the possibilities are close to endless on this CNC router.

Homag BOF-211

The Homag BOF-211 is also a 5' x 12' machine that is available for all routing operations. This 5-axis processing center is designed for efficient, cost effective, high-speed batch size production with the ability to process a variety of work pieces on the same machine with minimum down time.

Weeke Vantage-43M

The Weeke Vantage-43m is also in our RTF department and is used for pre- and post-machining of our 3D components. The Weeke is a traditional flat table, nested-based router, but is packed with additional functionality such as a 4' x 10' aluminum matrix flat table with C-axis, two eight-position tool changers and a moving gantry supported in front and back for optimum precision.