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We've updated our ordering process with a comprehensive online ordering system (link in website header). This user-friendly platform offers customers exciting new benefits and insight into their orders that they've never had before.

Online Ordering Benefits:

  • Order any time - 24/7
  • Monitor order status
    • Bid (quotes in real-time)
    • Ordered
    • Verified
    • In process
    • On hold
    • Completed
    • Shipped
  • Save time by importing orders from CSV files
  • Duplicate previous orders
  • Learn about new products

The convenient new system creates a company profile with a personalized dashboard. Customers can quickly view project status and see outstanding invoices with the option to 'Quick Pay'. Additionally, they can easily access previous orders and manage their company contacts. This centralized hub of information enables efficient order management for an overall better customer experience.



Installation, testing, and training are complete on our forth laser edgebander – the KAL 370 profiLine.

This automated edgebander has doubled our production of finished components. The edgebander communicates with our second HPS 320 flexTec robotic saw as part of our autonomous production line. Pieces move from inventory to finished components with no human involvement necessary. Acquiring these two impressive pieces of technology is one of many reasons we can offer the industry's fastest lead time on custom components.   



We had another successful year at the AWFS. Our booth was made entirely out of our materials; and was a great display of our quality, custom capabilities, and product diversity. Here were our key booth features:

Debut of Foundry Product Line: Introduced at the show were new four metal veneer laminates; Brushed Natural, Brushed Stainless Steel, Brushed Nickel, Brushed Black. Samples of the new colors will be available soon.

Online Ordering Demos: Booth visitors were some of the first customers to walk through our new easy and convenient way to order online (link in menu). The platform offers our customers efficient management of their orders. 

Interactive High-Gloss Acrylic Scratch Test: We set up a piece of standard high-gloss acrylic next to our Reflekt high-gloss hardcoat acrylic and let booth visitors scrub over both surfaces with stainless steel wool. The results were impressive as visitors witnessed the difference between the easily scratched standard acrylic and the most scratch resistance acrylic on the market: Reflekt.      

Reflekt High-Gloss Flooring: Attracting a lot of attention was our Reflekt high-gloss floor. This was the third trade show we've used this flooring to prove Reflekt's durability as thousands of visitors have walked all over it and it still looks great! Additionally, Reflekt's 90% gloss level created eye-catching reflections from the lighting in and around our booth like no other display at the show.

X-frame Door Style: As rustic farmhouse looks continue to be a popular style, we displayed our X-frame barn door in Lodge Oak in tandem with the rest of our Roücke HD collection.

Magnetic + Dry-Erase Boards: In an interactive display that shows our versatility and product innovation, we set up a Reflekt Magnetic Markerboard that has dry-erase certification and extreme stain, scratch, and chemical resistance.