Sports Authority is one the nation's largest sporting goods retailers operating 450 stores in 41 states. They are dedicated to providing their customers with the best shopping experience possible.

Challenge –

Addressing Sport Authority’s goal to provide the best shopping experience, our challenge is to provide quality, consistent, and durable laminate that is visually appealing, but is not distracting to the products being offered at the national retail chain.

Solution –

Premier worked closely with the Sports Authority design team to manufacture custom checkout counters, cabinets and in-store displays. Premier used several approaches to achieve the appearance that fit within the brand style.

Results –

Premier’s process intelligence allows us to manufacture customized store fixtures with unmatched speed and agility for large, national retail stores like this. Sports Authority has been a Premier success story since 1992, with thousands of fixtures designed, built, and shipped to all Sports Authority locations in North America.