Cut-to-Size Door Program

Slab, 3-piece, 5-piece, and hybrid doors - from modern trends to classic styles, you’ll find the exact cabinet doors your project requires.

Cut-to-Size Door Program Guide

Modern Multifamily Apartments

Reflekt high-gloss cabinetry and custom components produced for multiple units in the Scott Street Loft complex in San Francisco. Project by Pacific Home Décor.

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House of Technology

Premier’s modern facility of 300,000 square feet is “a house of technology.” Acquiring the latest technologies and manufacturing processes allows us to stay a step ahead of our customer’s expectations, as well as our industry rivals.

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Surface & Panel Feature

Read the 'Investing in Flexibility' article for an interview with company President, Andy Wilzoch. On page 4, Andy discusses the challenges and solutions of laminating high gloss.

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